Update on my life: July edition

July 17, 2013

Hello everyone!!!!!! Feel like blogging because I just feel like it, so I'm gonna blabber some nonsense about myself here yay! And I'm feeling very full and satisfied now because I just had one whole regular pizza muhahahaha!!! Are you all jealous not! You should be cause it's very nice!!! :D :D :D

Anyway, just to update you guys... the ringing sound in my ear kinda went away already!!!

I'm so happy please!!! Because it's really annoying and it's a nuisance to me you know, imagine to keep hearing sound in your ear 24/7. Super crazy. But it's all good cause it's gone now yay! But sometimes like suddenly will hear some ringing sound for few seconds, NO PLEASE DON'T COME BACK HOR PLEASE.

Other than that, I've been leading a rather healthy lifestyle lately (ever since the ringing ear issue surface)! I've been sleeping early everyday!!! Latest is 2am!!!!! It's still considered early because last time I always sleep at like what, 5am or 6am wtf. It's ridiculous!! So nowadays I always sleep before 2am!!!

Sometimes if I'm tired I'll sleep at 9pm or 10pm even!!! And also I'm having proper meals everyday!!!

Everyday will have at least 3 full meals (sometimes 5-6)!!! Last time I used to skip meals if I'm busy or have no time to eat but nowadays I try not to, and both sleeping early and having proper meals kinda make me feel healthier than before!!! :D YOU GUYS TOTALLY SHOULD TRY IT TOO YEAH!!!

The only think I'm lacking now is to exercise!!! Omg I really need to also, because of my IPPT. I will try to do it like soon!!! Since I'm pretty free from now until end of this month!! Next month will be more busy with filming, events and school omg!!! But I cannot wait because it will be exciting!!! Hahaha!!!

Okay, I go edit some pictures already!! Tomorrow will have new entry!! :D BYE!!!!


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