My thoughts on NDP 2013 official song "One Singapore"

July 30, 2013

I don't wanna lie but to be honest, the first time when I listen to this year NDP official song, "One Singapore" I didn't quite like it too (like how most of the Singaporeans didn't like the song until now). When I first heard it on youtube, I was thinking to myself "What? What kind of NDP song is this?".

But after listening to it a couple more times and especially after listening to it over at NDP preview show that I went last week with mummy (will blog about it soon!), I feel the song actually quite nice eh! It's pretty catchy (not the chorus part okay) and it's somehow stuck in my head for now hahahaha!

For those who are not Singaporean, you guys must be clueless about what I'm talking about.

In short, for every year Singapore's National Day, there will be a National Day theme song for the year. And specially for this year, there quite alot of hate on NDP theme song (you can listen it here). And I guess the reason why this might happen is because everyone has been always anticipating the release of our NDP song every year and for so so many years, all the NDP songs is always catchy and touched our hearts.

So I guess everyone has higher and higher expectation on it and they also tend to compare with the older more well-known NDP songs (like Home etc.), thus maybe the outburst of negative comments on this year NDP theme song. And I think part of it also comes from the people who jumps into the bandwagon of criticising it (because they see so many people criticising) even if they feel indifferent towards the song or they never haven't really listen to it few more times before they leave all the nasty comments about it.

To me, I feel that the song is really not as bad as what everyone claims to be.

I actually find it touching and good when I hear it over during the NDP preview. Maybe you guys should also listen to it afew more times too. Furthermore, I guess we should all support and give constructive feedback to them (if you guys don't like it) instead of bitching about it. If not when foreigners go see the NDP song on youtube and see so many dislike, also doesn't reflect well on us. Hahaha but I guess bitching on the internet (social media) is what most of us people do nowadays anyway lololol.

Anyway, since National Day is coming and for your convenience, there's the list of all our NDP songs! :D You guys can go listen to all of it and get in the mood for National Day hahahah! What's your favourite NDP song of all time? Mine is 'We Will Get There', partly is also because it's sung by Stefanie Sun lah! Hahaha!

1984 - 1985: Stand Up For Singapore
1986: Count On Me Singapore
1987–1988 : We Are Singapore
1990 : One People, One Nation, One Singapore
1998/2004: Home
1999: Together
2000: Shine on Me
2001: Where I Belong
2002: We Will Get There
2003: One United People
2005: Reach Out For The Skies
2006: My Island Home
2007: There's No Place I'd Rather Be
2008: Shine for Singapore
2009: What Do You See
2010: Song for Singapore
2011: In a Heartbeat
2012: Love At First Light
2013: One Singapore

That's all! Enjoy listening and I'll blog about the NDP preview that I went with mummy soon after I edit them! I've been blogging almost everyday recently leh! Proud of me not! Hahaha! Okay bye! :D


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  1. Shall not read your NDP post until I get to watch it this weekend...
    But i guess the standards are already there, hence many don't really like this year's NDP theme song. Home has made the standards too high. XD

    I love most NDP theme songs, but don't really fancy recent years ones.... But its all based on one's opinion XD