Making Japanese instant cupcake

August 04, 2013

Was pretty bored the other day at home so I went to the kitchen drawer to dig and find some snacks to munch on while you know, doing all the mundane stuff like using my laptop etc. And guess what I found???! A box of instant cupcake powder which I've gotten from Diaso really really long ago hahahaha!

Japanese instant cupcake 10

On the back the label put is as "nagukappude osyarena keki mokomoko (caramel)" which I totally don't know what it means, but I think it's something like instant cupcake lololol (self-proclaim)! 

So I then decided to do a step by step picture tutorial guide on how to make this instant cupcake:

Japanese instant cupcake 9

First step is to get all the ingredients ready!

It's very simple! Just one packet of the powder (inside the box there is 2), one egg and a cup which is microwavable! Don't later use plastic cup then end up your whole microwave explode hahahaha!

Japanese instant cupcake 8

Then you crack the egg and put it in the cup first!

Japanese instant cupcake 7

Then pour the powder in!

Japanese instant cupcake 6

Mixed and stir it well! :D

Japanese instant cupcake 5

Tadah done mixing it!

Japanese instant cupcake 4

Then you put it inside the microwave oven! Just set 2 minutes will do!

Japanese instant cupcake  3

Then you can see it slowly rise up like soufflé omg! Like super cool right hahahaha!

Japanese instant cupcake  2

At that moment when it rises up, I was shouting in excitement to my mum telling her that, "it's rising! it's rising". HAHAHAHAHA! Cheap thrills for people who rarely or don't know how to cook/bake!

Japanese instant cupcake

Tadah!!!! And it's done!!!! So easy to make wtf. Hahahaha! Don't need to feel proud of me this time round okay! Hahaha! Anyway, you guys can go try if you guys want to! Since it's just $2 only! :D


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  1. Hahaha omg you are so funny & cute! ><

  2. wow, that is really convenient!! maybe i should try it next time : )

  3. I wonder how does it taste... is it good ben? :)
    I might want to try this since I'm a horrible cook myself.. :p