Fml! Look what happen to my instant noodles...

August 30, 2013

i spilled my instant noodles

This is what happen to the pot of maggie mee that I cooked earlier! :(

Earlier just now, I suddenly got a huge craving for maggie mee lol! I think it's been quite some time since I eaten it already, that's why! And since I haven't had my dinner, I thought I can go cook it and eat first while waiting for mummy to come back home with more food! Everything was perfect, not until the moment that I have to bring the super hot pot near to the sink area to pour the noodles in my bowl.....

I don't know what happen next, just when I was about to pour my noodles into my bowl.... BAMMMMM! The whole pot fell into the sink, and there you go! It ends up exactly how it looks from the picture above! -_- I guess I was too scared that the pot might burnt me or something or actually I'm not really sure! Damn! I nearly wanted to slap myself, because I've to recook it wtf. AND I WAS SO HUNGRY AT THAT MOMENT. So I have no choice but to recook again another pot zzzzzzz.....

Actually what's really funny is the replies I got from Twitter (from you guys lah) when I tweeted about this incident with the picture. Make me wanna laugh lololol! Some of the tweet replies like;

"did a hurricane just come and go??"

"LOL i suppose there was a "strong wind" and blew your noodles away HAHAHAHA"


Hahahaha! It kinda made me rolled my eyes alil but it's quite funny leh I feel. You guys are the best lah! Anyway, gonna go sleep now because tomorrow got to film #BenRanAway video over at MOP! :D

Goodnight! New entry again tomorrow, I promiseeeeeeeee k! :)


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  1. LOL! So clumsy. :) Craving for some ramen now.