Mummy's birthday dinner!

August 31, 2013

Hello everyone omg. I really nearly fell asleep on my bed while using my phone awhile ago!!!

I kept on dozing off and I don't want to sleep or take a nap now because I know, for sure later at night I confirm cannot fall asleep and I'll sleep in the morning again. Cannot! I'm trying my best to keep myself awake, so here I am blogging! I think the reason why I feel so tired is because I slept at around 5am yesterday and woke up around 9am to go MOP for filming today. Super tired zzzzz....

Yeah, I will sleep early tonight! Cannot take it already hahaha! Anyway, the whole family went out to have a simple birthday dinner to celebrate mummy's birthday weeks back!!! And I'm happy to know that Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant is hosting us for mummy's birthday dinner! :D

At first when I first see the name, I thought they only serve porridge or something like that lol. But I was wrong, their food was really delicious and nope, not just porridge... they have dishes that you guys always eat out at "zhi char" stalls! But personally, I feel that theirs is better and with a better environment (got aircon, so not hot/oily/stuffy)! Also, when I check out their price, it's pretty affordable as well!

The price is like comparable to what we always eat out at "zhi char" stalls, yet with a better environment and ambience!! So it is really not bad and most importantly, we all agreed that their food is really yummy! So overall, we had a super satisfying dinner!! 4 of us went home feeling full and happy! :D

Alright, time for pictures!! Loads of food pictures to make you all hungry hahahaha!

typicalben family

Yay! Start off with a family selfie shot while we wait for our food! :D

typicalben selca

And also my individual selfie shot lololol.

3‐Cup Chicken With Basil

Then the dishes starts coming!!! This is 3‐Cup Chicken With Basil!

Traditional Prawn Roll

Traditional Prawn Roll! So crispy! *crunch crunch*

Braised Pork With Preserved Vegetables

Braised Pork With Preserved Vegetables!

Fresh Cockles

Fresh Cockles which is super fresh omg! Love it!

Stir‐Fried Taiwan Lettuce With Garlic

Stir‐Fried Taiwan Lettuce With Garlic!

Pan‐Fried Cod Fillet with Goldleaf Sauce

Pan‐Fried Cod Fillet with Goldleaf Sauce! I love to eat fish alot (unlike Ran) so I really love this dish because the fish is so tender and nice! Like melts in my mouth lol! Even Ran also think it's nice!

typicalben taking food

Me taking the fresh cockles hahaha!

Volcano Beancurd with Kong Poh Chicken

Volcano Beancurd with Kong Poh Chicken!

Chai Poh Omelette

Chai Poh Omelette!

Goldleaf Fried Rice

Goldleaf Fried Rice! Lol by now can you believe that we actually ate this much omg!

Lime Juice

Lime Juice which mummy love! I had hot barley!

Goldleaf Pork Ribs

Goldleaf Pork Ribs! One of their new dishes!

Oyster Mee Sua

They are super sweet! They say they gonna serve Oyster Mee Sua for mummy because it's her birthday! Because usually for Chinese, they will have Mee Sua on their (Chinese) birthday one!

Though we are not celebrating her Chinese birthday but it's quite sweet thought of them!

Sambal Seabass Fillet

Sambal Seabass Fillet! One of their new dish too!


And finally..... desserts time!!! I love the red tea and green tea jelly!

typicalben dad

Picture time again after we are done with dinner! With daddy!

typicalben mummy

The birthday girl! Hahaha! Eh! Not girl, should be aunty hahahaha! :p

typicalben randy

With Ran! :)

family picture typicalben

One last group photo before we left the restaurant!

We really enjoyed our dinner and thanks to Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant for hosting us and serving us all their delicious food for my mummy's birthday! :D Hope to go back again soon! Next time I'll bring my grandma and grandpa there! I'm sure they will also love all the food! Can't wait!

Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant
110 Amoy Street #01-00 Sing' 069930
Tel: 6324 3268

p/s: Oh! And from now till 30 September 2013, they are also happy to extend 10% off bill to all dine-in customers upon quoting my name "typicalben" when making payment! :) Happy eating! (only applicable for food, with minimum spending of $50)


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  2. a late 'Happy Birthday' to your mum :D

  3. Omg! Your family is so sweet together. But, birthday must have cake right? Where is it?

  4. Birthday day must have birthday cake right? Where is it ?

  5. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Your mom looks so young and pretty!!:)