Yay my new specs!

September 01, 2013

I wanted to talk about some stuff on this blog post before I post all the pictures, but I was so angsty because of what happened earlier that I totally forgotten what I wanted to say already. You know, I was so sad + hurt + angry + annoyed that it makes me shiver in anger and sadness. Super hate it! :(

Sigh nevermind, it's not the first time that this issue happened anyway. Moving on!!!!!!

typicalben mcm studs bag 2

Went out the other day with Isaac and then meeting Esther afterwards!

typicalben mcm studs bag

Was wearing this number 28 Mickey Mouse tee from Uniqlo! :D
The bag is from MCM, which is..... not mine hahaha!

typicalben 28 tee with jacket 4

Took some ootd shots!

typicalben blur

Blurred but the effects turns out to be so nice lol.

typicalben 28 tee with jacket 3

My top model pose HAHAHAHAHAHA! :'D

typicalben 28 tee with jacket 2

Similar pose but this one not as kuazhang lolol.

typicalben 28 tee with jacket

Don't you love my hair? :p

typicalben side view

Anyway, I'm so happy because recently I've gotten a new specs!!! Yay!!!!

It purely serve as an accessory purpose cause I don't have any degree at all. And I'll usually wear it when I didn't wear contact lens or sometimes I'll just wear it to take pictures with lolol. Don't judge me ah! I already said it serve as an accessory! And my previous specs right, I lost it during my Karbi trip! :/

typicalben with marc jacobs specs

My specs frame is from Marc Jacobs and it's sponsored by smartbuyglasses.com.sg :)

Oh and the frame didn't come together with the lens, so I went to the optical shop to make a multi-coated lens (which has no reflection) for this frame and I've been wearing it for quite abit recently! Loving it!

marc jacobs specs

More pictures of my specs! Hahahaha!

marc jacobs specs 2

typicalben with marc jacobs specs 1

Picture of myself again lol! Omg this entry got alot of pictures of myself wtf.

typicalben with marc jacobs specs 2

Fluff fluff, fluffy hair! O.O

Dean & DeLuca

Dinner time with Isaac and Esther!

Dean & DeLuca 2

While watching Lady Gaga live on Good Morning America!

Dean & DeLuca 3

Chicken breast meat for me!

Dean & DeLuca 4

Lol and am I the only one who likes to use specs as hairband? I love it leh! Hahaha! It's like so convenient and putting it to good use! Can use your specs as hairband, not bad what! Hahaha!

But my friends always scold me when I do that cause they say that it's very ugly! Tsk! (┐_┐)

And recently, I also wrote an article about drugs (on how to stay positive and live healthy without it) which is now being punished on liveitloud website, and you can view/read it by clicking here!

Alright, that's for from me for today! Will blog again tomorrow! Bye! :D


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  1. https://soundcloud.com/kaikaiii_yong/typicalbens-article_stay/s-ats47
    haha I try to read this article but 读到卡卡。。
    dont blame me there are a lot of mistakes XD
    just for entertainment XD

  2. The glasses are so cool!

  3. The glasses are so cool!

  4. May i know the code of your specs?

  5. Hi May i know the code of your marc jacobs specs?