Less than a week to final exams

October 15, 2013

Okay so it's like less than a week to my final exams and I haven't been revising for it yet! :( I'm getting worried but at the same time, I don't really have the mood to study though and I'm not sure why! Didn't feel like exams is coming at all... Hahaha! I guess I'll have to start my intensive revision today, it's my last semester and I got to graduate and then move on to greater things in life! *winks* :D

Yeah, I haven't been blogging much but I've been super active on Instagram hahahaha! Have been posting so many videos of me in Bali recently!! So if you haven't follow me there, go follow now!

Just some overdue pictures that I need to clear! More pictures of my rainbow/paddle pop hair coming up on my blog! Haven't got the time to edit them yet! But soon okay!! Maybe I'll blog when I'm taking a break from studying hahaha (if that's even possible?)! To be honest, I miss blogging quite abit!

typicalben blue hair cut

Went to Cleo Hair & Make to trim my hair when it was still blue!

d'good cafe 2

Have always been drinking hot chocolate lately! Love it!

d'good cafe

Brunch with Isaac the other day!

typicalben on road 2

Over at One North area!

typicalben on road

This lane of road is closed therefore we kinda took some pictures there!

red hose


imperial treasure 3

Lamian for dinner! And my zha jiang mian taste horrible! >:(

imperial treasure

Okay, just few food pictures since I taken it so must well post it up! Veg!

imperial treasure 4

Yummy roasted duck!

imperial treasure 2

Alright! I'll blog again tomorrow! sorry for all the random pictures in this post cause I already edited and uploaded them long ago, just didn't have the time to post up! Bye! :D


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  1. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Hi Ben,
    where is the place that you had your hot chocolate at?
    the food looks yummy!

  2. Wow , what an enjoyable day for you i bet ! The food looks nice , where did you have it ? ^^

  3. Like Your New Header Picture! :D