Run For Your Lives Asia - Singapore

October 17, 2013

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Yes!!! You didn't see it wrongly!!! We've got to run for our lives now!!!!!!!



Hahaha! I'm very very very excited let you guys know about this piece of news!! Yes, what I was saying above is about the only ORIGINAL zombie infested 5k run, Run For Your Lives is finally coming to Asia for the first time and they are choosing Singapore as their first stop! First in Asia, how cool is that!!! :D


Yay!!!! Run For Your Lives is finally coming to Asia!!!!

I've heard so many of my friends talking about this race and also seen loads of YouTube videos taken during the race itself and everyone around me find it so cool omg! I'm really very happy that I'm sharing this with you guys cause I'm feeling super excited myself as I'm typing this now hahaha!!

For those who didn't know about it yet.... Run For Your Lives is actually the original zombie-themed 5K obstacle course race from the United States of America created by Reed Street Productions in 2011!

Their first event was such a huge success that attracted over 12,000 people to experience the zombie apocalypse!!! What a turn out isn't it!!! And ever since they started, the interest from participants grows so quickly which helped the race grow and expand into other cities with 13 races held last year!

Wait!! Let me tell you guys clearly how this race works first okay!!! Let's get it clear first, so we will be on the same page and you will then understand why am I so excited already! Hahahaha!

Okay, first thing first! It's a race event and you will be given a choice of participating as either a.......




Or as a Zombie!!!!

Basically it's very simple and similar to all the survival games we usually play!!!!!
(Just that this one is happening in real life hahahaha)



The Survivors will have to dodge away from the Zombies as the Zombies will grab life flags from the Survivors' life belts. It’s like a game of catching, just that now zombies are chasing after you!!! You will also have to go through obstacles such as water slide, maze, smoke house etc. Omg you say exciting anot!!!! Like going into the "game world" and playing it in real life okay!!! Fun right!!!


And don't worry! Same as all the game we usually play, each survivor will be entitled to 3x life flags! So if you die liao still can continue as you still have another 2 lives! Hahahaha!

Want a clearer view of the whole race? Watch this official trailer now! *runs*


At the end of the race, both Survivors and even the Infected Survivors will receive a medal designating their survival! That's not all okay!! There will also be apocalypse party with performance by local artists, free giveaways, games and activities and even F&B vendors!!!!!!!

Hello!!! Excuse me!!! It's like an event filled with fun and entertainment please!!!! I want to go!!!

Somemore it's only a one day event and, it is again... the FIRST Run For Your Lives urban race (which means the place held is in the city area and not as what you see from the pictures above)! Yeah, first time in Asia and first urban race okay! It will take place in the heart of the city at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade area and I can't wait to see how they are going to turn it to a post an apocalypse setting!


Are you excited as I am??!! If you are I'm gonna let you guys know the details now!!!!! :D

Official Event Poster A3 No Layers

Run For Your Lives Asia - Singapore
Venue: The Padang
Date: 11 January 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm to 11pm

So if you guys are interested to be part of this exciting apocalypse party and race event, do go and gather all your family and/or friends to join with you then visit the website above and register for the super early bird period as it's a better deal okay!!! Don't say I never tell you all ah! Hahahaha! Also do go like their Facebook page to receive first hand news and updates, as well as to support them!!!!

The zombies are coming, are you scareeeeeeeeeedddd? :p


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  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    woaw thks i'm participating!

  2. just registered, are u going ben?

  3. Jasper1:45 am

    Super excited for this! I wanna go sia!! :-D

  4. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I wanna go for this too! Who else is with me?