Tokyo Banana

November 20, 2013

Yay! I can finally say I tried Tokyo Banana before already!! Hahaha!

I know I'm quite sua ku lah BUT actually some of my friends did bought for me but I always didn't have the chance to meet them before the Tokyo Banana gets expired lol. Anyway, was very happy because Samantha from CLEO Hair & Make brought me some snacks when she went to Japan for holiday recently!

Wooooo! I'm always very happy when people buy me things from overseas, ESPECIALLY when you never ask them to buy or when they buy it specially for you (means they got think about you hor!). So I know she bought it specially for me cause she knew that I never eat before hahahaha! So sweet of her one! :D

Japanese snack

Some of the snacks she bought for me!
I know it's not alot ah, but got heart to buy for me I'm super happy already!

tokyo banana package

Tokyo Banana in leopard prints(?)!

tokyo banana

She say she wanna buy prints one than the original normal yellow one because it suits me more.
Like what! Hahahaha! So yummy! Yum yum yum! I wanna have more!

typicalben tokyo banana

Me with the Tokyo Banana! Okay, will blog again later tonight! :D


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