Getting fatter but feeling healthier

December 08, 2013

So recently, I put on quite abit of weight which it's really rare for me lah, because since young I was really skinny. Plus it's very hard for me to put on any weight no matter how much I eat.

But surprisingly, after mummy gave me eat some Chinese medication (which is to help improve and boost my body immune system cause my body is pretty weak since young), my appetite really grew better and I started to eat more lately! My appetite really became so good that it is scaring me and not just me, but also the people around me hahaha! All my friends were shocked by how much food I eat recently, keep eating non-stop omg! :/ But I actually feel really happy that my appetite is getting better, because last time I can just only eat 1-2 meals a day only if I'm busy and didn't have the time.... which a lot of people told me that it's not good for my stomach, but sometimes I really got no appetite to eat when busy what! No choice right! So end up sometimes I'll have gastric pain or acid reflux which is super annoying.

So that's why I feel very happy that I'm able to eat so much now and feel hungry most of the time! And the after math of having such a good appetite and eating so much? I grew fatter.

And the most obvious and the part that shows that I grew fat is actually my face and follow by my body! So my face recently is super "bloated/swollen" due to me putting on weight. Everyone can see the difference! But I really don't know whether is it water retention or really fats on my face eh lol.

Anyway, when I go shifu there recently, he saw me topless then he told me I put on weight and I look so much better now! :D He say I was looking quite sickly before cause I was so skinny and boney. Not that I grew bigger or what, just that now I'm not so boney now... but I'm still considered skinny compared to other people lah. My parents also think I look better now too! Everyone commented that my face look more radiant as well! So I'm very glad that I'm eating well now and at the same time I did exercise alittle whenever I can! Oh and I've been eating more vegetables and fruits lately too! Hahaha! Healthy right!

But what concern me is my face getting fatter and it's looking bad on camera! :(

And recently after filming, when I get to see the clip, I was very shocked cause my face is really bloated and too fat for the screen! Like my face don't look like me at all already! Hahaha! Okay, cause seriously... my jawline is disappearing also! That's why people say in this industry, they wanna be as skinny as possible cause the screen will magnify you up to 1.5x (or something around there). And I'm gonna start all our intensive filming this coming week and I'm scared I will look bad due to my fat bloated face!

I mean I cannot help but to feel this way, cause people will sure judge how you look on screen what.

Like they will say "omg why he look so different" or "omg why he look so fat" etc. People just love to comment such things isn't it?! So mean all of you hahaha!! But I just wanna say even though I grew fatter (actually just my face that is obvious only), I really felt healthier and happier! ^_^ I mean I feel healthier cause I finally get to eat proper meals at proper timing and have proper well balanced food! It makes me very happy to be able to eat well, unlike in the past where I keep have no appetite!

I know current society, almost everyone wants to be as skinny as possible in order to look good.

But I feel that you don't have to starve yourself just because you wanna look good. I know a lot of people, especially girls do that. Starving is not the solution. I think we just need to feel comfortable with our own body and our own skin, be proud of who you are. Keep your body healthy and fit by eating proper meals (with right kind of food of course) and exercise more often if you wanna keep it in shape!

So rather than starving yourself to be skinny which you probably will end up looking sickly cause due to lack of nutrients and your face confirm won't have glow or radiance one, you should eat proper meals and go exercise instead! Like what I'm trying to do now hahahaha! Because I think most likely my face is bloated due to water retention (plus maybe my cheeks got grow abit chubby lah), so I'm trying to go for run and exercise more to sweat out all the "salt" that is in my body, on top of my regular meals! :D

Hopefully the water retention in my face and body will go away soon!! Hahaha!!

So who say you need to starve to look good? Do it the right way! You see, now I'm still eating as usual (with proper meals) but at the same time also exercising more too! Isn't this even healthier and better option than straving yourself? Go think about it! Anyway, gonna go have my dinner now! Byeeeeee!


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  1. good luck Ben! I'm trying to get healthier too ahaha xx

  2. not all Chinese medications are good,, be careful

  3. Don't worry about looking fat on camera, Ben! I didn't see any difference until you pointed it out. I've always been very thin as well and I think having a "chubbier" face is more preferable, I think it makes people look healthier, more youthful and less tired! C:

  4. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Hello! What med did you eat? I've been skinny all my life, I'm 20 this year and I've never exceed 50 kg.