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December 04, 2013

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The Best Way (966)

"The best way to own something is to have it personalised..."

How true is that, super true isn't it??!!! Don't we all love stuff that are customised and personalised specially for ourselves, which not everyone has! I would really love to receive such gifts, honestly! Also, when it comes to buying gifts for people, a personalised gifts makes it more special and sincere!

People will feel that you actually put in effort and thought about them when you're buying the gift and not just anyhow randomly buy for the sake of buying for them! Hahaha! Anyway, I'm getting kinda excited as I'm typing this cause the festive season is just around the corner and it's time to shop for presents!

And if you're still unsure and have no idea what to get for your friends/family/relatives/partner/whoever for this Chirstmas (or even on other occasions), don't worry! I'm your saviour of the day! ^_^

typicalben The Fancy Folks

Come and take a look at what I've gotten from The Fancy Folks!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 9

Guess what is inside this super cool packaging that comes with it! :D

typicalben The Fancy Folks 10

Really love their packaging omg. Don't you feel that they put in lots of effort in it to make sure it looks pretty and presentable when you receive it! Was pleasantly surprised when I first gotten it!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 11

Tadah!!!! This is what that is inside the pretty packaging!
Hand-made leather key fobs!!!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 12

So pretty isn't it!!! And yes, they are all hand-made!!!
And making your own key fobs is super easy with The Fancy Folks!


Getting Started (966)

You just need to choose the design and colour that you want, decide on whether you want to have any engraving on it and then you are done! It will then be sent to you to your doorstep! :D

They do offer various shapes and attractive colours of key fobs to choose from, in fact over they have over 50 variants in total omg! Apart from offering key fobs of solid colours, they also have key fobs that come in rainbow/multiple colours (SUMMER PARADISE/AUTUMN SKY) which are presently their best sellers. Some of them such as SPARKLING OCEAN & BOLD SCARLET are also one-of-a-kind!

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.09.44 am

They also have this "Fobs Gallery" on their website that showcase the different orders that they have completed, and it helps to give people an idea on what to engrave if they can't decide!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 4

I did 4 key fobs in different colours for my family (including myself) and I'm really very happy with the workmanship when I gotten them! It is professionally done and the leather quality is really good!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 3

Can you believe that every of their key fob is tooled freehand from start to end?

Whereby it is crafted, colour dyed, and stamped manually by hand without the aid of any machines at all! Which makes every single key fob that they produce very exclusive and one-of-a-kind! Awesome!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 1

And I really love how they put in the extra effort on their packaging (as mentioned earlier heheheh) that comes with each key fob rather than effortlessly throwing the key fob into an envelope!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 8

So every of the key fob will have it's own "box" and you can just give it to your friends straight if you are getting it as a gift for them (especially for people who don't know how to wrap presents)!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 13

Show you guys the close up key fob that I did for my family! This is for Ran!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 14

For mummy! Her name is Michelle, so I put Mic! Hahaha!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 15

For myself! In orange colour! :D

typicalben The Fancy Folks 16

For daddy! And I just helped him to put his keys on this key fob that I made for him before he went for work earlier! Then he come into my room and say thank you to me before he left the house! :')

typicalben The Fancy Folks 6

I also went to put my keys on my key fob too! Hahaha!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 7

Close up! But I'm thinking of hanging it somewhere else too! Cause not only we can put keys what, we can put hang in on our bags, pouch etc. Will look super nice also! Omg I need more key fobs!!! :x


I really think the personalised leather key fobs is a really great gift ideas for family and friends especially for upcoming christmas parties, gatherings and gift exchanges!! Especially if you got no idea what to get or wanna get something that has a more personal touch!! It is right for you!!!

Furthermore, they are having a promotion now for this festive season!!!! Yayyy!!!!!!

Christmas Pre-Order 2013 (Exclusive) (Cropped)

So do go check out now to see the full range of key fobs design they offer and start personalising your own key fobs as gifts or even for yourself now!!!!

All their prices come with complimentary engraving, a nice packaging and normal postage!



Yay!!! They will be giving away 3 pairs of key fobs exclusively just to you guys (can choose any in-stocks of your choice)!!! All you have to do is to:

1. Like their Facebook Page!
2. Comment on their Facebook post (the one where they mention about my blog entry) and
tell them which key fobs you would like to have, as well as who will you be giving these key fobs to!
3. Winners will be chosen on 25th December 2013!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 5

p/s: Do also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for any first-hand updates!


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  1. It's too bad they only ship to Singapore. I live in the USA and would absolutely love to have some of these. Do you know if they will be opening up more shipping locations soon?