Cleo hair makeover event

January 19, 2014

So I just woke up from nap heheheheh! That's what Sunday is for, napping.

Then I went out of my room and no one was at home, so I went to twitter to tweet about it! Bo liao, I know! Hahaha! And just when I was about to blog about everyone leaving me alone at home and feeling damn hungry, mummy and Ran came back from their dinner and they bought me food! Late dinner, it is.

While I was eating my dinner, Ran told me that my face is still damn fat and bloated! :/ I told him I already slim down since that time already and guess what.... he asked me to stop living in denial wtf. Okay, maybe I can agree that it is still not my original face shape cause it's still a little chubby BUT so what! Hahahaha! Why is this current society making all of us damn superficial nowadays?? It's really sad you know.

As long as we are comfortable in our skin, I think it's good enough already. Not everyone has to be like or look like what the society deem they should be. I mean if you're perfectly fine about your current self, then you should be proud of who you are and not let other's words affect you or bring you down.



Went for Cleo's Autumn and Winter hair makeover event weeks back!


The panel of judges that will judge 5 models' hair by 5 of Cleo's very own hairstylist! I didn't managed to take much pictures that day, so I grabbed some of them from qiuqiu, like this above pic! Hahaha!


Envelope for each judge, guess what's inside??????!!!


All the models "before" photos!!!


All of them look so kawaii and jap looking after the makeover!!! We didn't get to know which stylist did which model's hair, so to make the judging and results more fair and unbias!


All the models, love all of their hair colours!!! I want!!!!


Then it's time for food after judging the models!!!


Big snow crab!!!!



Cute cupcakes in orange which qiuqiu hates hahaha!!!!


With my hair stylist, Ai! So proud of her that day! :D


Me, qiuqiu and Ran! ^_^


In the end, Takuya san won the makeover competition!!!!


Models and us!!!!


Another one with the stylist!!!


Ending off with a huge picture of me with Cleo board hahaha! Gonna bring mummy to Cleo this week to do our hair together! I think she's quite excited to have a new hair for CNY! :D

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250


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  1. Anonymous11:31 pm

    If you are really comfortable with your bloated face, you wouldn't even photoshop them okay. We are actually cool with it but Ben, you mentioned about this issue too often le lah.. Well not hating, just wanna let you know.

    1. Actually I never said I was comfortable with my bloated face, that's why I did something about it, like went to exercise and such. :) The "comfortable in our own skin" part was for the "current society making all of us damn superficial", not about my face. Anyway, no worries good to know! Miss interacting with you guys too! :D