Finally back to 126 Eating House

January 05, 2014

This year started out all good... but sleepy!! Why do I keep feel so sleepy all day long!!

Anyway, I just wanna snuggle up in my bed with my blanket now! The weather is so good, it's so chilly and cold! I don't know why mummy keep say it's very warm omg. IT IS SO COLD OKAY!!!!!!!!! Also, it's a lazy Sunday today because I actually planned to head out but end up I stayed home the whole day! :x

typicalben samantha

Dinner with Samantha the other day as she treat me to shabu-shabu (which I didn't take any pictures with my camera) to "kind of" celebrate me passing my last semester of studies! Xie le ah! :D

lava cake

Then I just treat her to dessert! Hahaha! Treat here, treat there! -_-

cream cheese crackers

Saw this cream cheese crackers while shopping at IKEA, so I just bought it to try it out since I love cheeseeeeee yum! There are 3 different flavour and I think this is the original one!

cream cheese crackers 1

cream cheese crackers 2

A random shot of the cracker that turns out professional! Hahahaha!

cream cheese crackers 3

Cream cheeseeeeeeee!

typicalben best sefie side

Went to Geylang to satisfy my 126 dim sum cravings!!!!!

126 (搵到食) Eating House

Finally at 126 (搵到食) Eating House!!! Been so long since I had it!!!

126 (搵到食) Eating House 2

Really yummy okay!!!! So sad it's super inaccessible for me to travel there, if not..... :p

126 (搵到食) Eating House 3

Will update another entry in awhile! Check back later! :D


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  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Ahhh, Isaac takes the greatest pic of you, the photo at Geylang street is just perfect.