It's a brand new year!!!

January 03, 2014

typicalben best selca

Hello everyone! It's a brand new year already! :D How is everyone doing!!!!!!

I'll do a recap for all the highlight that happened to me in 2013 very soon (although I know almost everyone did it on the last day of 2013 already lololol), but I just wanna clear all the pictures first before I do the recap can anot???!!! Anyway, happy new year to everyone who is reading this now!!!! ^_^

I actually wrote something for all of you guys on my instagram for the brand new year so if you didn't read it, can head over to read! Hahaha! But I'll also write a longer and fuller version here too.... but yes ah, after I clear all the pictures first! Okay, time for all the random pictures I took last year! :p

randy jap resturant

A quick lunch with Ran at some Japanese restaurant before we go and do our hair at Cleo Hair & Make! So happy that we both are now under the same salon, can go do hair together yay!

jap toufu

Cold toufu and salad!

jap currry udon'

My curry udon! Yummy but very little, not filling at all! :/

jap soup udon

Ran's! I think it's some fishcake thingy!

typicalben side close up

Super close up selfie because my hair colour was so ugly, I couldn't be bothered to take proper selfie! Hahaha! Thankfully after the meal, I'm gonna have nice hair with nice colour! Woooohoooooo!

garlic toast bread bkk

While doing hair, I was munching on this garlic toast bread!!!! Omgg thank you Samantha for buying this back for me from BKK!!!!! OMG THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

garlic toast bread


It is SUPER DELICIOUS AND NICE!!!!! I'm not exaggerating or anything okay, because everyone who tried it say it's damn freaking good!!!! Omg I want to eat it now please!!!! Anyway, if I'm able to go BKK next week, I'll go buy back as many as I can I tell you! Like maybe..... one carton! HAHAHAHA!

garlic toast bread close

It's very moist and crispy and flavorful, I just cannot omg. HAHAHA! OKAY ENOUGH.

typicalben dark purple

And while munching on the garlic toast bread, my hair at the same time is also done and completed by my stylist, Ai!!! This time round I had a trim and changed my colour to dark dark dark purple!!!

typicalben purple hair

The purple is really dark so it's only visible under sunlight or bright light, which I love it!!

CLEO Hair and Make
Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250


typicalben randy screen

Can you spot me and Ran???? :D

manhattan fish market food

Dinner time!!!! We went to meet up with Isaac and Esther after we are done with our hair!!!

manhattan fish market

Feeling hungry??????


typicalben isaac again

With Isaac! See my purple hair isn't that obvious here!

cute swensens christmas ice cream

Went to have icecream for desserts!!!!

swensens christmas ice cream

Super cute right!!! The icecream that we ordered is all in Christmas themed!!!

swensens christmas ice cream 2

Poor reindeer, slowly getting disfigured... due to the heat! HAHAHAHAHA!

typicalben The Fancy Folks 17

And here's my dark dark dark purple hair after a few wash!



Random picture of my favourite ramen that I had the other day!


blur orchard ion christmas

Yes, Christmas is not over yet! 12 days of Christmas isn't it?!!

orchard christmas

I actually took all these pictures and wanted to post them up on Christmas Day one but end up I didn't cause I didn't have the time! T_T

typicalben christmas

Love this picture!

typicalben christmas tree

Love this too! Hahahaha! Super got feel right lololololol!!

orchard ion christmas decorations

orchard ion christmas

typicalben toy santa claus

Ending off with this cute (or not really) toy Santa Claus for this entry! Will blog again tomorrow! :D


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  1. Anonymous5:19 am

    Hai Ben. What brand of camera you used to take photos in this blogpost?