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February 09, 2014

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Not sure if you guys know, but I super love drinking tea! Yes, teaaaaa! All kinds of tea! :D

I'm definitely more of a tea person than coffee person! So every time when I'm out dining or chilling at cafe, I'll always order a pot of tea together with my food. And whenever I come across unique tea flavours in the drinks menu, I'll also order and try them out! Well, my other favourite drinks are milkshake and fruit juice but if there's no choice and I've to order soft drinks then... it will be any non-gassy soft drinks!

Hahaha! So much for telling you guys what I love to drink and you must be thinking why I suddenly talk about all these right?! The reason? Because I've been drinking a lot of tea lately from Tealy!

typicalben tealy 2

With the few boxes of teas that Tealy gave me!

I was so excited when JJ told me her friend (who is a young entrepreneur of Tealy) actually want to pass me some of their very own teas for me to try out. Excited because I love drinking them and I also support young entrepreneur who have the guts to start up business on their own! *claps claps*

So I've been literally drinking all the teas from them for the past few days at home, together with my pretty tea pot set (which I gotten as my birthday present last year from Esther & Isaac) which I'll show you guys further down the entry! And I must say I love their tea so much because of their unique flavours!!!

Tealy advert 16

Clearer picture of the boxes of tea since you can't really see them from the above picture of me with it (due to the ring light hahahaha). Don't you love their packaging too? Looks super cute eh!

Tealy advert 19

Upon receiving it, I quickly went to open the boxes of tea up!

Tealy advert 18


Especially all the chocolate based teas which I super super love cause they really smell so so so good!!!! Up to the point that after I opened it, I exclaim out on how nice smelling it is and keep sniffing it hahaha!

Tealy advert 17

Can't wait to try it out! Anyway, for each box, there are 20 tea bags inside!!

Tealy advert 12

Then I went to boil the water and pour it in my tea pot together with the tea bag! Look at my tea pot, nice anot! I super love it leh hahaha! Anyway, the first tea that I tried from Tealy is the...........

Tealy advert 20

Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.19.23 am

It's actually is a dessert tea, where the primary taste here is the mint, not the chocolate!

Finally our childhood delights are echoed in this dessert-inspired concoction of minty chocolate wonder, creating naturally creamy flavours mixed with tingling goodness in everyone's favourite chocolate minty confection! So now there's..... Mint + Chocolate + Truffle = How awesome can it get!!!

Tealy advert 9

While waiting for my tea to brew, for about 3-5 minutes!

Tealy advert 11

Love using my laptop while sipping on tea!

Tealy advert 8

And it's done, so it's time to pour them in all the tea cups!

Tealy advert 7

And if you noticed, it's my mum's hand and not mine cause there are nail polish on! Hahaha! I went to ask her to help me to hold the teapot and pour it so I can take pictures! Hahaha!

Tealy advert 5

After drinking it, I feel that the Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea pairs very nicely with the crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus Ceylon tea base. The chocolate, as always, kicks in only during the aftertaste, heightening the "cooling" sense you get on your lips from the mint, post-sip!

Here are the tasting notes if you're interested to know:
Dry Leaf Smell: Chocolate Mint
Steeped Tea Smell: Mint, hint of chocolate
Flavour: Mint, Chocolate, Ceylon
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: mint
Liquor: Translucent dark reddish-brown


Tealy advert 21

The next chocolate based tea is this, Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle Tea!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.18.59 am

It's also a dessert tea, and for those who doesn't like mint, you can try this out!

This tea is inspired by Belgium's decadent chocolate truffles, the delicious Ceylon is a wonderful blend of rich chocolate, cocoa, infused with a mix of elderberries, blackberries, cranberries, cherries, and raspberries. It's true chocolate and berry lovers' delight, these indulgent flavours melt together with a hint of spice to create a perfectly wicked sinless treat! I cannot decide which one I love better seriously!

Cause both of them taste really good in their own way! I love the mint tea cause it gives a special twist to the taste of the tea and I usually dislike teas that are too fruity and sweet but this berry tea taste just nice!

To be honest, I really think both teas are super worth a try! I never lie!!!

Tealy advert 3

While waiting for the Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle Tea to brew!

Tealy advert 4

To me it is a very strong smelling tea (when you opened the packaging), but when drinking it right, it was very much weaker than the smell. Wah suddenly I sound like an expert in tea like that hahahaha!

The complexity of the Ceylon comes through with notes of fruitiness and a hint of chocolate. The taste is smooth, beautiful, and easy to drink! And again the tasting notes for those who are interested to know:

Dry Leaf Smell: Fruity chocolate
Steeped Tea Smell: Fruits, hint of chocolate
Flavour: Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Ceylon
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: Citrus
Liquor: Translucent dark reddish-brown


Tealy advert 2

Look at this artistic shot that I took of the pot of tea! Hahaha! Not bad right!

Other than the 2 chocolate based tea, which I really love (I just told mum it's damn good and she say that she wanna brew it with my teapot set for our family to drink together woooooo!)... Tealy also passed me 5 more different flavoured teas that they carry as well! And the 5 teas are........


Earl Grey Creme, Anjou Paradise Ceylon Tea,
Mint Rooibos, Peach Berry Jasmine Sutra Rooibos and Lemon Lemongrass!!

Honestly saying, I didn't have the time to try out all the teas because once I just started on the chocolate based tea, I'm so hooked into it that I cannot stop drinking it after! Hahaha!

Plus I didn't have much time to stay home to drink tea everyday lah! But I did tried some of the other 5 teas and I can say I like it as much as the chocolate based tea, all of them are of a different taste so it's very hard to compare which is better! I only can say is, all of them are really good so you should try it yourself!

Tealy advert 6

And the great thing about it is that... IT IS REALLY AFFORABLE!!!
Most of the teas are priced at only $11 per box!

Like the 2 chocolate based tea I mentioned earlier (Mint Chocolate Truffle Black Tea & Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle), both are only at $11 per box where they are 20 tea bags inside! Super worth it please! What's better and more worth it is that, if you buy it now there is a further of 20% discount for you guys!!! :D

Tealy advert 13

Why you guys so awesome one Tealy!!!! Like that after discount, 1 box of tea is like $9+ only eh!!

So why wait? You can now quickly head over to......

(enter the discount/coupon code: TB140209L for 20% discount!!!)

..... to get your teas or to take a look at the different types teas that they have to offer! ^_^


Tealy advert 22

And also since Valentine's Day is coming, it might also be awesome idea to additionally include this unique and nice flavoured of teas on top of your gift to your partner! You guys can then drink and sip tea together while doing whatever activities hahaha! I'll recommend the two chocolate based tea for that!

Not just for Valentine's Day, you can also buy it for yourself or your family to drink or to buy it for friends as a gifts or whatever! Cause nice things are meant to be shared! *open arms wide for hugs lolol*

I'm also pretty sure that after I finished all the teas they gave me, I'll go buy from them again!

Okay, that's all for now! Byeeee and have fun sipping on the yummy teassssssss! :D


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    Hello there. I would like to ask what brand is that snapback? Or where can I get this? :)

  2. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Where did your friends bought the teapot from ? :)