Cleo Hair with mum + Birthday + Bintan trip + CNY

February 22, 2014

I'm finally back from my 2 weeks ICT aka reservist! :D

Everything was great in there and apparently I had quite abit of fun for this cycle of ICT as compared to the previous one, all the people in this cycle are really friendly and nice! Had so much laughter and fun throughout the whole 2 weeks! No wonder time flies so fast inside there! Also when I was in there, it kinda help me get out of reality a little as well. I guess it's not just me, but everyone there cause they are taking like a short 2 weeks break from their own work. Plus everyone made new friends with one another! Apart from knowing new people, it's been awesome catching up with my batch and flight mates as well!

So now I'm done with my ICT, I shall go continue back to learn my driving which I cannot procrastinate anymore! Also, I'm going back for another round of ICT in April! Omg so fast right, I know!

typicalben ran

Went Cleo Hair & Make to do our hair last month!

mummy cleo

Brought mummy to do her hair too! Hitomi-san is doing the hair for her!

cleo hair mummy

End results! So nice and pretty!

I'm glad that mummy is happy with the final outcome of her hair! She have been complaining about how messy, frizzy and ugly her hair and colour is! So I told her, I'll just bring her to go my salon to do her hair and I'll pay for her lah (because she don't bear to spend money on all these de). And when I see her so happy with her hair after that, I feel super happy too! She definitely look younger too! ^_^

Anyway, Cleo Hair & Make will be moving out from Millennia Walk's Parco to a new location which is at Clark Quay, The Central (level 4)! They will be reopening on 13th March! Can't wait to see the new space! So maybe you guys can get updated on making appointment and the opening, on their Facebook!

tokyo banana

Brandy brought me Tokyo Banana and passed to me when I met up with him! Yay!

milk tea

Also this milk tea that he claim all the cabin crew love! Hahaha! He also bought Nicki Minaj's new perfume for me as my birthday present! :D :D :D Will show you guys on another post!

typicalben princess cake with candle

Isaac came over to surprise me on the day of my birthday itself! When it exactly strike 12am! Super sweet and nice of him to come over and give me a surprise cause he knew I wasn't feeling that good recently!


Make a wish, make a wish.....

typicalben princess cake

He said he told the person who's gonna do the writing on the cake to make it more "princessy" because he say I'm a princess! AHHAHAHAHAHA! Thus you see the crown/tiara and also the heart shape!

typicalben birthday surprise

Thanks Isaac, bff Zj and also Duncan! Especially Isaac who planned this, I'm so glad to have him as a close friend of mine for so many years already! WHAT IS MY BFFS, FINGERS DOING AH???? HAHAHA!

food at bin tan

Went Bintan for a short getaway on the day of birthday itself!

typicalben cake at bin tan

Another cake yay hahaha!


cookie monster and blue cake

My Cookie Monster want a bite of the cake too! :p

breakfast on bed

Breakfast on bed is soooooooo awesome!

breakfast on bed

typicalben flowers 2

I don't know what I'm trying to do but this set of pictures when I'm trying pose with some random flowers on a tree (by the street) is quite funny lah hahaha! Like very orbiang! HAHAHA!

typicalben flowers

The only shot which I think is still acceptable lololol!

typicalben flowers 3


typicalben flowers 4

And my bffs all LAUGHED so hard at this photo! HAHAHAHA! They say it's super funny wtf. I now also think so. WTF AM I DOING OMGGGGGGGG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! LADY GAGA MAH????

food by pool

Lunchie by the poooooool!

bin tan food

Went to their supermarket and gotten all these hahahaha!

mac on bed

cny family photo 2

Back to Singapore to celebrate CNY with my family and relatives!

lucas typicalben

Ending off this entry with my favourite, dearest and most loveable.... Lucas! ♥


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  1. You, your family and your friends are so beautiful :) I love your funny candid and I hope you have a great birthday next year as well!