Way too many faces of me and Nicki Minaj

March 28, 2014

typicalben selfie

Starting off this entry with 2 huge selfie ah!!!

typicalben selfie 2

Hello everyone!!!! :D I'm now actually at Starbucks with Ran and his school mates hahaha, super random I know lol! I bumped into him earlier after my review over at IDS Clinic, it was such a coincidence hor!! Then I just join them for awhile lah, cause I meeting JJ later but she is preparing herself.

Anyway talking about IDS Clinic, I was pretty upset because recently my face suddenly pop out a lot of acne wtf. Super sad T_T But luckily got IDS Clinic to help me and cure it, so it's slowly getting better.... I can't wait for my face to be back to my usual state or even better than my usual state! U_U

NEVERMIND. Don't talk about it already hahahahaha! Will post a separate entry about that soon! For now, I'm gonna spam tons of pictures that Isaac took for me when we went out the other day and you also will be seeing a lot of Nicki Minaj face because I was wearing a tee with her printed on it lolololol!

typicalben isaac

Yes, met up with Isaac again omg. We like keep meeting up non-stop!

nicki minaj t shirt ootd

Super dress down ootd! Just a simple tee and shorts!

typicalben nicki minaj t shirt

Oh hello! :D

nicki minaj t shirt

Me wearing the Nicki Minaj tee that I just bought hahaha! Don't judge me ah!
Gotten it online as it was having sales hahaha!

Necessary Provisions typicalben

Went Necessary Provision to chill!

typicalben Necessary Provisions

Always bringing out my lappy to do work but always end up never do at all... :/

typicalben at Necessary Provisions

Necessary Provisions

Everything looks more arty with black & white filter isn't it?!

typicalben playground 4

Went to the playground nearby afterwards!

typicalben playground 3

Okay, hello again!!! Hahaha! So I didn't managed to complete and upload this post yesterday, which I initially wanted to, because Ran and his friends were leaving for lunch and I had to go with them (as I was using Ran's lappy). It's Friday already so fast! Anyway, now I shall continue hahaha! :D

dogs at playground

3 dogs spotted at the playground! So cute!

typicalben playground 2

typicalben playground

"Because life is too short to be unhappy!"

typicalben on swing 5

Went on the swing as well!! It's been so long since I played with it!!!

typicalben on swing 4

I remember when I was still a child, I love love love playing swing over at the playground near my grandma's place with Ran and my aunt! Those were the days where playground were filled with sand!

typicalben on swing 3


typicalben on swing 2

Up up up we go!

typicalben on swing

Reliving the childhood memories! :D


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  1. Your hair is perfect. .____.



  2. Anonymous1:32 am

    Ben, you are so cute!! What camera are you using?