Pseudo Korean drama photoshoot + Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash

April 01, 2014

Omg I was trying to post up this blog post earlier and as I was writing, I wrote something related to about 'we all deserve to be happy" then I started typing and typing until super long wtf. So I decided to put it into another separate post instead, so now it feels like I'm rewriting this entry all over again hahaha!

Anyway I'm out now waiting for Isaac and Esther to meet me for dinner! They wanted to go Hai Di Lao which I just went 2 days back with Flower Girls (which consists of Rachell, Peishi, Ran & Me..... lol yes thats apparently our 'group' name hahaha #dontjudge) to celebrate Jayne's belated birthday! So I don't really wanna go again liao cause I literally just ate it 2 days back hello???? But I think they just die die want to go eat it zzzzzzz. No choice lah no choice! But it's yummy though, just that it's tad expensive!!!

Just ended my driving lesson earlier and tomorrow will be my stage 1 review already! O.O

Omg so fast hor. But so far the lessons were pretty good I feel, and I think I'm starting to love driving more and more! Thanks to all the instructors who are all super nice! The instructor today still wanna force me to go buy breakfast because he know that I haven't had my breakfast, omg why so nice one ah hahaha!

Can't wait to faster finish my driving lessons and get my license soon hahaha! Bff, Ting is also learning at the same time as well and we both aim to get our license by this year. Hopefully can ah! :D

typicalben formal ootd

Dressed up for Nuffnang 7th Birthday Bash the other day! How do I look?

typicalben formal outfit

And it seems like everyone love this look on me a lot eh, maybe because I don't usually wear like that out on normal days. Most of the time I'll be in sweaters/pullovers or t-shirt with jeans or shorts!

nuffnang 7th birthday

Photo Booth 1

Took tons of pictures with the Photo Booth which they will print out for us afterwards!

Photo Booth

The reason behind why we are called the #FlowerGirls - HAHAHAHA!

typicalben rachell

With Rachell who is damn cool that day lololol! And omg, some.... or actually most of the pictures for this post is grab from Rachell's blog one hahahahaha! Nooooooo, not that I'm lazy.... U_U

typicalben melissa

With Melissa! This picture is from my camera!


Took loads of group selfie that day too! And these are just a few of them!

typicalben get award

Received a pseudo Nuffnang Blog Award, "Y SO FUNNY LEH" on our #BenRanAway videos!


The cake which doesn't look like a cake omg.

flower girls and jayne

All of us with the always bubbly Jayne!
p/s: check out my pimple which is super obvious here lol

flower girls and jayne 2

Another one! Hahaha! I think Rachell love our #FlowerGirls pose a lot hahahahaha!


Crazy and silly things I do at times! #ILoveBeingMyself


korean drama photoshoot 9

After the birthday bash ended, we stayed for a little longer to take more pictures together! Which all turns out to be very pretty and we say it's like Korean drama photoshoot or something lololol!

korean drama photoshoot 8

Ran look super good here! Pulling open the curtain somemore hahaha!

korean drama photoshoot 7


korean drama photoshoot 6

And now with Peishi holding a white dove lol.

korean drama photoshoot 5

And now with Peishi sitting down and still holding onto the white dove lol.

korean drama photoshoot 1

Me and Rachell as we look like we are up to something no good hahahaha!

korean drama photoshoot

korean drama photoshoot 4

My favourite set of pictures is this!!! Where we were playing inside a cage filled with balloons!

korean drama photoshoot 2

See all of us looked so happy and sorry, I don't know wtf is Peishi doing.

korean drama photoshoot 3

Some things in life just cannot be forced, just like friendship.


Omg I seriously need to use the toilet now but I'm out alone at some cafe over at town and I don't think I can leave my laptop there to go to the toilet. Hate situation like this! And I cannot pack up and go because I still wanna chill here until Isaac and Esther reach! Wanted to ask the person beside to help me look after, but she is sleeping hahahaha! But I think nobody is going to steal cause there is no much people here.

So I'm going to quickly run to the toilet and come back hahahaha! Another new entry will be up in a few hours time, so be sure to check back later at night again! Okay, byeeeee off to toilet! :p


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  1. Both you and Ran look amazing! :)

  2. Aw the friendship

  3. This is really cute and I love the balloon pictures too. Oh themed birthdays thats too cute :D

  4. Anonymous3:08 pm

    OMG HAHHAA it really looks like a Korean drama photoshoot you guys are prefect :))