Why am I not sleeping? Why am I here?

May 28, 2014

Woke up late today for my appointment at IDS, so me and Ran took a cab down hahaha! :x

I mean I didn't want to wake up late on purpose but I just couldn't get to sleep last night? I was tossing and turning in my bed from 2am until like 6am++??? Mad eh. Then after that we had lunch then we went to meet up with Rachell, Peishi and Hayley. Then me and Rachell went to do our "work" before joining them to watch the premiere of the movie, Magnificent. And by, working = shopping. Cause it's for an advert and they gave us a budget for us to shop prior writing the advert! So shiok! More to come please! :D

#whodoesntlikefreeshopping #notme #invitemetodomoreshopping #emailmenowhaha

Anyway, bought quite a number of stuff, can't wait to show you guys soon! But on the side note, we also missed the premiere of the movie because we got carried away with shopping... or I mean working. :/ So we went to join them for late dinner/supper after they are done with the movie and Jayley joined us too! Then Peishi was telling me that today is a hang out day of JOTH x KOAS x BRA! Hahahaha!


Didn't take any pictures with my camera or phone, but here are some of the pictures from them! We kept laughing non-stop and also love stopping in the middle of nowhere and start to talk? -_-

And all of them are already sleeping except me, act hardworking here trying to update my life hahahaha! Tomorrow is going to be another long day but I can't wait! Think should be fun and exciting! :D


jj eug ben

Met up with JJ and Eug the other day! I miss them so much, they are my uni mates if you guys remember and it's good catching up with them! Missed them a lot and there's always so much to say!

watermelon drinks

Went to Addictions and this watermelon drink really deserve a picture of it's own because they juiced it by hands? Like they never use machine and we saw the guy actually hand crushing the watermelon to make this drink leh. I mean not by his bare hands of course, but by some utensils! (Y)

food at addictions

Our food! My pasta is not bad yum yum! :D

harry's bar buffalo wings and drinks

Then we went to Harry's bar to chill and chit chat since we never catch up for so long!


JJ totally engrossed editing our pictures to post on her Instagram and Eug......


.....busy taking pictures of the buffalo wings!
And me, busy taking pictures of both of them, doing their things hahahaha!

harry's bar buffalo wings

Okay this picture is making me hungry, I think I should quickly go to bed now. Even though I just had cereal hahaha! Goodnight! Omg and it's 5am already! Another sleepless night again? Tsk.


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