My dad is unhappy with my green hair

May 29, 2014

Just done with the photoshoot for Cleo Hair & Make! I can't wait to see how it will turn out on physical catalogue/booklet! :D Had a super fun day again with nice company and all. Really awesome to work with professional and nice people, cause it makes everything so fun and it doesn't feel like work at all.

Gonna go for staycation tomorrow with family at Sentosa yay! Ran suddenly booked a hotel again and asked all of us to go stay! #familybondingtime Although my dad was unhappy with me for dyeing my hair green. :/ And I was telling him that I already dyed all sorts of colours before and even rainbow hair eh, why now then unhappy. He didn't say anything afterwards and then we didn't talk for days omg.

Then I think maybe the reason he's unhappy is because the colour is in green?

Cause there is a saying in Chinese "戴绿帽" which literally means, to "wear a green hat". It means to be cuckolded. So I guess that is the only reason why I think he's unhappy with me for, as he knows that sooner or later I'm going to have dark hair all the way for my future job. But I really love my current hair colour because I don't think I've seen anyone in this shade of green hair colour before and I think it looks quite good actually? No doubt that it's kinda 'over', cause having a green coloured hair in Singapore is not a common sight. Normal blonde hair people will already judge you already, moreover if it is green.

I really hope Singaporeans can stop being so narrow minded and 'sua ku' about such things eh. But the thing I'm glad about is that a lot of youngsters are able to accept all these things now without judgement and dare to be fun and different. Probably due to the influence of kpop? Since all their favourite idols dye their hair in various outrageous colours too. #thankyoukpop :D And also youngsters nowadays are more liberal and want people to just be themselves and will still love them for who they are.

But also surprisingly after dyeing my hair green, loads of aunties come and talk to me on the street about my hair. And they think that it's nice and even asked me where I do my hair and stuff. Those aunties rocks man! Except for those who always push us when boarding the train/bus and also those who always expect us to give up our seats for them when they are not even that old? Like 30+? -_- #toomuch


Nope, no pictures of me in my green hair yet for this post because I'm still clearing all the pictures!

But soon you guys will see lah, since I'm like literally blogging every single day wtf. Or for those who still haven't seen my green hair yet, you guys can go my Instagram to see first! Shit, now I feel like I'm obliged to post a photo of me with my green hair since my topic is all about my green coloured hair all along.

No please, let's move on cause I wanna sleep already! Hahahahaha!

paparazzi shot typicalben 1

Paparazzi shot??????

paparazzi shot typicalben 2

Stop stop stop!!!

paparazzi shot typicalben 3

Hahahahaha!!! :'D

typicalben esther isaac

Met up with Esther and Isaac the other day and I was late due to traffic jam, so when I finally reached they just keep snapping pictures of me like paparazzi hahaha. Crazy one them.


Croque madame for lunch! I love croque madame!

typicalben eating

Super delicious! Go try if you guys never try before and let me know if you all like it!

awfully chocolate ice cream

ootd typicalben

#OOTD - I got my top and bag from Pavilion during my KL trip! My pants is from Uniqlo!

sitting ootd typicalben

Love my new bag! :D

curry fish head

Curry fish head for dinner! Normalz.

typicalben with blazer

Went for Audi Fashion Festival after that with Isaac, Melvin and Veron! Didn't get to take pictures there but it was fun! Didn't know it was so fun, I actually missed quite a number of invites because it didn't got into my mailbox. Will be happy and excited to go again next year! Can't wait!

Alright, shall go to bed now! Goodnight! *goodnight kiss*


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  1. that croque madam looks deelish @__@ *drool*

    and sigh.. I wish I had nice hair D: