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May 31, 2014

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So happy cause I just had my favourite bar chor mee for brunch at home hahahaha! :D My parents brought back food for me as they were out in the morning.... dating, I supposed (and they are now out dating again after they got back home for awhile). So sweet of them hor. My bffs always say that they envy their strong loving relationship even when they are together for more than like.... 26 years? *.*

Anyway, got another happy thing to share with you guys too (other than my bar chor mee hahaha!).... and it is the parcel that I just received from recently! Yay so awesome please!!

typicalben with surprise box

I immediately tore it open once the postman passed it to me hahaha! :x

Yeah cause I was too excited already, because the stuff that I chosen from their store is finally here!!! Wooohoooo!!! To be honest, I am really happy to work with them again! I think this is the third time that we are working together (fyi previously they are known as and they are always very friendly, always giving prompt reply to all my questions/orders. And not only that, they also promptly mailed out my parcel too, which is good lah cause nobody likes to wait so long for their stuff to arrive!

But what makes all of us love about their online store even more is that, everything that they sell now is $16 and below (with the exception of the perfume & cologne). Which is like omg super affordable??!!!!!

And for the previous 2 times, I've been talking about the apparels that I've gotten from them but for this time round, after they revamped their site, they also added a few new category to enhance your shopping experience! One of them is perfume & cologne, which I gotten 2 new fragrance from them yay!!!

hermes perfume 2

The first one is this HERMES Un Jardin Apres La Mousson Unisex Perfume!

hermes perfume

Unboxing it..... the perfume bottle!

hermes perfume 3

typicalben hermes perfume

I've only managed to use it a few time for now, but I absolutely love how it is fresh with aquatic scent and yet at the same time, with some hint of spiciness!! And there is melon smell too, I really love!!!

typicalben with hermes perfume

Oh yah, my new hair colour for those who didn't realise hahaha! :D

versace perfume

The another one which I've gotten is this Versace Pour Homme cologne!

versace perfume 1

Upon unboxing.....

versace perfume 3

typicalben versace perfume

I love how there is this scent is very modern and classy which I think for most of the girls right, if they smell it on guys, they will like it hahahaha.

For those who wanna get affordable fragrances for yourself or even as a gift for your love ones, they are currently having PROMOTION for their perfume/cologne now:

If you get 1 perfume, you can get $10 off!
And if you buy 2 or more, you will get $22 off!

Meet ups advised: at Temasek Poly, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Paya Lebar and Bugis Mrt.

If you are interested in the perfume, can go here to find out more!


XTENEX® Laces 2

This is another product which is also a new category that they bring to their online store!!


Wanna make a guess what is it?????!! ^_^

XTENEX® Laces 3

They are actually XTENEX® Laces for your shoes/sports shoes!!!!!
And with this laces, you don't have to tie your shoe laces again anymore!!

nike shoes

Took Ran's sports shoes to try on the laces to see if it really works!

putting on XTENEX® Laces

putting on XTENEX® Laces 1

Was having a hard time putting in the laces because of the knots (which is also why you don't have to tie your laces anymore because of that as your shoelace won't come off) and I found the trick to do it easily, which is to pull the XTENEX® Laces straight so can go through all the holes easily!

putting on XTENEX® Laces 2

Thanks to the knot, we don't have to worry about tying our shoelaces anymore!
Super awesome for those who always do sports or go run!

putting on XTENEX® Laces 4

Actually there are more advantages to this laces too! So if you guys are interested can go over to their new sports category to check all the information and also the price and all the colours for the laces!

They are also having PROMOTION for their laces too:

It's only at 2 for $26 eh!
With free normal postage too!

If you are interested in the laces, can go here to find out more!


typicalben with perfume

Oh before I forget, you can become a member of whygxlden when you spend $50 and above in a single invoice! Some of the benefits for members include; Free normal postage for all purchases, updated on new arrivals and exclusive promotions, receive 20% off with a minimum purchase of $50 on your birthday month! ^_^
(they also carry both female and male apparels + accessories too!)



Last but not least, they will be at RESTORE 4 at F1 pit building on 14th June for flea too!


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