Hotel Le Cinq Codet

February 17, 2016

Hotel Le Cinq Codet - Bed - typicalben

If you ask me, which hotel will I wanna stay again when I'm back to Paris, it will be Le Cinq Codet for sure!

Not only because the hotel is located in the heart of one of Paris’s most sophisticated neighbourhoods (7th arrondissement), it also gives me a cosy feeling when I'm in the hotel. I stayed in a Duplex Room for 2 night and I love it!

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, Paris, France - Room

The room is designed as a Parisan loft with natural daylight, giving a unique and artistic loft experience. I love loft rooms because it gives a twist to normal hotel rooms that we usually stayed in. This is the upper level, where you can find the bed, bathtub and TV! The room has an impressive high ceiling, which makes it really spacious.

Hotel Le Cinq Codet - Bathtub - typicalben

Love soaking in the bathtub after a long day out!

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, Paris, France - Room

The stairs to the ground level!

Hotel Le Cinq Codet - room - typicalben

I find it really cool because we can also watch TV downstairs or even catch up with some work during your stay. The bathroom is at the lower level and now you can see why they are different from the traditional standards of a hotel.

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, Paris, France

Bar & restaurant - Patio. The choice of furnitures and decorations conjure a unique style reminiscent of Art Deco in Parisian mode circa 1930s and 40s. Loving the combination of the green coloured sofas and the oak tinted bar stools!

Hotel Le Cinq Codet - breakfast

Parisian breakfast!

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, Paris, France

This is the lobby area which I find it really modern and cosy. A quick fun fact: The hotel is housed within the former France Telecom building from the 1930s and masterfully restored by acclaimed designer Jean-Phillipe Nuel. Knowing that they restored a telecom building to such a beautiful hotel, it gives me a very different feeling when staying there.

Hotel Le Cinq Codet, Paris, France

Outdoor jacuzzi! I haven't get to try it but I hope to try it next time when I'm back to Paris! Thank you Hotel Le Cinq Codet for the amazing hospitality and I can't wait to be back soon! :D

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  1. This looks like a very cozy hotel. the bed especially looks very spacious and comfy

    filicia | Candy After Dinner