Hotel Sevres Saint Germain

February 16, 2016

Hotel Sevres Saint Germain - typicalben

If you didn't know, during my Europe summer trip... I travelled to France then London, then back to France again! I spent my last day in Paris doing last minute shopping for myself and my family. I'm really happy to stay at Hotel Sevres Saint Germain because the hotel is near to all the shopping places, which makes it super convenient for me!

Hotel Sevres Saint Germain

The room is simple but comfortable. I find it perfect for people that just need a hotel room to sleep and rest, and they don't spend so much time in the room. Why stay in the room when you can go shopping?

Hotel Sevres Saint Germain

Because the hotel is just 2 minutes walk from the departmental store - Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche! And it's walkable distance to most of the brands like Hermès, Saint Laurent, A.P.C. etc.

Hotel Sevres Saint Germain

They even recommended us some nice restaurant that is around the area! We tired one and it was really good! ;) My friend told me that she will stay with her friends here again if she's back to Paris for a short shopping trip haha.

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  1. I love the location Perfect for couples and/or shopping in St Germain. The rooms are nice and good for a couple in honeymoon.
    Kim |