Identifying & Understanding My Hair Issues with Beijing 101

January 13, 2017

I've always wanted to have my hair and scalp checked and I'm really happy that I've got this chance to do a hair consultation with Beijing 101 to know if there's any underlying issue recently. They are Singapore's No. 1 hair care centre and almost everyone heard about them before, even my grandma also went to do treatment with them last year! Therefore, I'm really excited for the personalised reviews and customised treatments by them.

Ever since I started blogging more than 10 years ago, my hair style and colour have been one of the most talked about topics, even until today. I must say that I'm pretty fortunate to be blessed with thicker and fuller hair. Because of that, I'm able to try different hair styles or even do different colours.

I've indeed toned down a lot after entering the workforce about 3 years ago. And since many of you guys are "growing up" with me and also in the workforce now, my current hair styles are more apt as a reference for the working environment.

Will I dye my hair to blonde or ash again? Probably. As long as it's appropriate for my job.

Actually being in the digital marketing industry, it's still pretty okay to have bold hair colours but I feel like as I slowly age, I kinda prefer a darker shade than before. But I might just do brighter colours for the fun of it and to change my look some time soon.

Even though I said that I'm blessed with a thick hair, I realised that it's somehow getting thinner and losing more hair than before. I feel that it's partly due to the excessive dyeing when I was younger and also due to age? Not forgetting stress.

I'm sure hair is really important to everyone, it changes your look completely. Although everyone around me told me that there's no difference in the volume of my hair, I know that it really became less dense than before. Once in a while, I also do have dandruff issues which I never had such problems when I was younger.

typicalben at Beijing 101

My initial perception of Beijing 101 is that it's more for the elderly where they have serious hair loss problems. But I was then told that they offer other treatments for different kinds of hair problems that everyone might face.

typicalben Beijing 101 consultation

After greeted by all the friendly consultant, I went into the room to start my private consultation.

The consultation wasn't as tense as I thought it would be. It's more for the hair consultant to understand our lifestyle and habits in order to best know the root of our hair problems. After that, it was followed by a hair scan to check the condition of my scalp.

Beijing 101 scalp scan

This is the healthier part of my scalp.

typicalben Beijing 101 scalp scanning

After a more detailed scan, she then realised I have dandruff issues. No wonder recently my scalp is always itchy.

Beijing 101 scalp scan

The part of my scalp where there are dandruff issues.

Beijing 101 scalp scan

Another side. They told me these dandruff are at the top and side of my head.

Beijing 101 scalp scan

I thought it was quite serious but they told me it's nothing major. The hair consultant felt that my hair volume is still considered pretty good, so they would love to concentrate on tackling the dandruff issue first. ;)

typicalben Beijing 101 treatment

Off to start the treatment!

Beijing 101 drinks

typicalben Beijing 101 dandruff treatment

First is to put hair mask to soften all the dandruff on my scalp.

Beijing 101 hair mask

typicalben Beijing 101 massage

Then, it's followed up head massage. Super relaxing!

typicalben Beijing 101 treatment

Have to wait for 20 minutes before the hair wash to remove all the soften dandruff.

typicalben Beijing 101 treatment

After the wash, they will put on some treatment serum on my scalp and ending it off with massage once again.

typicalben Beijing 101 treatment

typicalben Beijing 101 treatment JCube

After the treatment, I can feel that my scalp is so much cleaner and lighter.

In fact, since my situation is not that serious, I'm only told to come once a month for the treatment. Will be more than happy share my journey and let you know the difference of my scalp and hair after going for a few sessions. ;)

Beijing 101 promo

If anyone of you are interested to have your scalp and hair checked, feel free to head over here to receive a free hair & scalp analysis along with a free consultation! Till next time! ;)

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